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Now I am coming towards best ways to get complete pleasure during sex and you will aware about that choice of different sexual positioning is the main thing to having wonderful sex. Selecting the incorrect position can have both parties feel pain and turn into frustrated. Selecting to have intercourse sex with the incorrect person can even affect the getting together.

Missionary Position

Most common and one of the best sexual layouts is the missionary position as of easiness. To get into this sex position you can check some sex pics, one just lies down on the support of their back while their lover lies his face-down on the opposite of them and the whole thing is pretty open from there on. Take lovely things slow in case it is your very first time, there is lots of time to increase your speed. Penis direction into the vagina is really suggested.

In case you are searching methods to spice up things then you aren’t doubt already active in sex. However experience doesn’t keep you safe against STD or pregnancy. Some position of sex may need the body of a contortionist thus you have to be very cautious. No soaring off clothes or rushing in like a rough bull as it can effect in serious problems. Would you trust more accidents occur in the bedroom than you can suppose. If you are using sex toys, once more you have to be careful and clean them before you use. Unclean toys can be a reason of infection.

Spicy sex below positions

It is not simplest position, but it does offer the receiver logic of power and control that is lacking in other positions. The receiver cowers over their lover while relaxing on the back of their legs that are brought in the direction of their chest to uncover them at a special angle. When this particular position is controlled and the receiver is comfortably balanced, and if accessible they can physically arouse their partner.


It is an energetic position where the presenter sits up with their legs in a straight position while the lover sits on top with their legs on the shoulders of giver and arms being utilized for support. Muscling in at this phase is all good and well, though it takes some power on the behalf of receiver to execute this position.

Doggy position

It has the one calm down low on all fours with their lover holding on to their backsides. As of the lower position rear of the receiver is pushed back, knees of the giver are located to either bottom side. If you hurt from painful joints then it cannot be best position, as the lower position needs a level of flexibility.


It is same to serving with the entire strength of previous mentioned Doggy Style, the association of a side position. The receiver strongly stands in front and is entered from the backside. This position allows the other one to explore other parts of the body with their hands simultaneously. It can be tough once you are trying to make parallel the genitals. However, and easily relieved by you stand-up on a cushion or footstool. Extreme care has to be taken with this position.

Cradle position

It is similar to the Bridge. The feet of receiver is fixed and arms below/behind them to hold their upper side off the bed or whatsoever, while their lover enters from a bow position. You can check some sex pictures to know more about this position.

Folded Deck Chair

This position has one lie on their backside; reels the legs and hips are resting on the shoulders of giver, while the donor pushes from a knee position while holding their weight on the legs of receiver. Once the giver rests on the legs of receiver, it gets better the angle of diffusion to higher target the prostate gland or g-spot. Unexpected jerks aren’t good and can be deadly when trying out different positions of sex.


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